Organising Committee

The Staff (Interim Steering Committee)

  • Philippe Zittoun (LET-ENTPE-University of Lyon, France) : coordinator
  • Michael Howlett (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Chair, IPSA RC 30 “Comparative Public Policy”
  • Robert Hoppe (University of Twente, NL) - Chair, IPSA RC 32 “Public Policy & Administration”
  • Mara Sidney (Rutgers University, USA) - Chair of the Public Policy section of APSA; 
  • Herbert Gottweiss,(University of Vienna, Austria) - Chair of ECPR 39 section on Theoretical Perspectives in Policy Analysis,
  • Fred Lazin (Ben Gurion University, Israël) - Chair of IPSA Research Committee 5 on local government
  • Melissa Haussman (Carleton University, Canada), Chair of IPSA RC 19 on gender policy
  • Kieke Okma (Wagner School of Public Service, New York University) - Chair of IPSA RC 25 on health policy
  • Nina Belyaeva (Higher School of Economics, Moscow) - Chair of Public Policy, Russian Political Science Association
  • Karsten Ronit (University of Copenhagen, Danemark) - Chair of IPSA RC 38 on Business and Politics

The local staff (Lyon and Grenoble)

  • Celine Bélot, Science Po Grenoble
  • Frank Petiteville, Science Po Grenoble
  • Alain Faure, Science Po Grenoble
  • Fabien Terpan, Science Po Grenoble
  • Philippe Teillet, Science Po Grenoble
  • Sabine Saurruger, Science Po Grenoble
  • Véronique Strippoli, Pacte
  • Karine Feuillet, Pacte
  • Pauline Tardy-Gaillard, Sciences Po Grenoble
  • Catherine Morel, Pacte
  • Elisabeth Blanc, Pacte
  • Valérie Baudet, Pacte
  • Lucie Millon, ENTPE
  • Jean-Pierre Nicolas, ENTPE
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