Pacte - Social Science Research Laboratory

Pacte is a multidisciplinary research laboratory with a staff of about 130 researchers and 180 PhD students. It brings together researchers from many different horizons : political scientists, geographers, urban planners, sociologists, economists, historians, jurists. It covers  important fields of research in social science.

As a research unit, it is affiliated to the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Institute for Political Studies in Grenoble, Joseph Fourier University, Pierre Mendès France University; it is partnered by the National Foundation for Political Science.

Sciences PO Grenoble

Sciences PO Grenoble is one of the nine Institutes of Political Studies in France placed under the aegis of the National Foundation of Political Science.

Admission to the IEPG for degree candidates is by competitive exam and students generally complete a five-year program of study leading to a Master’s degree in one of 15 areas of specialization, including European Studies, Non-Governmental and Inter-Governmental Organizations, Comparative Politics, Social Economics, Public Policy, Arts Administration, Journalism, Public Opinion Surveys and Research, Latin American Studies, and Legal and Financial Management.

LET - Transport Economics Laboratory

LET is specialised in transport economics and policy analysis. It is sponsored by the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), and the University of Lyon (University Lyon 2 and ENTPE, National School of Public Works).

LET is a research team with a staff of about 40 permanents and 30 PhD Students coming from various disciplines such as economics, geography, engineering or sociology. LET’s research activity is as the heart of the relationship between transport and territories.


The ENTPE, Ministry of the Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, is a well known French Grande Ecole (Higher Education and Research Institute) situated near Lyon.

It trains civil servant and private sector engineering students to MSc level (Diplôme d’Ingénieur) and Phd level (Ecole Doctorale) in the fields of sustainable civil engineering, transports and planning.The school hosts 6 research laboratories and offers fulltime and further education programs in building sciences, infrastructures, transports, water and planning policy.It is a member of l’Université de Lyon and the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

AFSP - French Association of Political Science

The French Association of Political Science (AFSP), founded in 1949, has for ambition to promote French research in political science by encouraging exchanges between specialists of political issues as well as bringing together academics (teachers, researchers) and beyond all those concerned by political analysis: political actors and decision-makers, journalists, representatives of the "civil society" and citizens.

IPSA - International Political Science Association

IPSA was founded in Paris in 1949 under the aegis of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

The special mandate of IPSA, expressed in its Constitution, is to support the development of political science in all parts of the world, building academic networks linking East and West, North and South. Its aim is to create an inclusive and global political science community in which all can participate. It seeks to promote collaboration between scholars in emerging and established democracies and to support the academic freedoms needed for the social sciences to flourish.
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